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Dynamic Links

Dynamic Links
The project I present is a sculpture made up of several elements that are woven together. By themselves they are unique and have a specific imagery but together they build a new in meaning and content, rich of expression, harmonious, organic and polyvalent structure. In this case, the contact area or places of meeting between the elements in the composition“Dynamic Links”determine the spatial vision, aesthetics and transformation of forms. Organized together geometric objects describe the silhouette of the perfect form. It lives its own life, following its own logic and prompts the viewer and surroundings to dialogue through the language of sculpture. In dialogue we can reinvent ourselves and others describing the silhouette of our future. I hope that our civilization is a chain of underlying connections – love, friendship, tolerance, generations link-up. The project exposes the unity between different cultures and people living, thinking and dreaming together.
  • Awards:2017花蓮國際石雕藝術季戶外創作營初審入選
  • Administration: 花蓮縣文化局   Keep
  • Location:Hualien County Cultural Affairs Bureau Campus