Hualien Stone Sculpture Museum

240x55x210 cm

Gates symbolize not only an entrance but also exit. The gate distinguishes a kind of internal intimacy of people. In ancient times, the gate also symbolized the entry into a mysterious and unknown space with enigmatic force behind the gateway. The gate metaphorically means entering a vital space as sculpture introduces us to dimensional one. The gates have been an inspiration for many writers, film directors and architects. The gates also inspired the artist, and then study and made it one of the conceptual themes of sculpture, creating and completing a series of sculpture works. Light occupies a significant role in the sculpture composition. Expanding the center of the sculpture and transmitting the light to pass through and form evokes sense of something vivid. The light changes the structure of the material from hard to soft and vice versa. The artist expects the work to be interactive for the children so that they can pass through the center and enjoy. This sculpture is a set of symbols coming with our heritage, transforming through the present to travel to our future.
  • Awards:2023 Hualien International Stone Sculpture Symposium
  • Administration: Taroko National Park Headquarters   Keep
  • Location:Buluowan Visitor Center