Hualien Stone Sculpture Museum

Communication of Space VIII-X

Communication of Space VIII-X
The artist uses rectangle as the main structure with certain width in its four edges, while within the frame of the main structure, there are several skeletons of intersections. It is very rationally structural symbol, and visually forms two spaces of inside and outside. He says, he hopes to present a concept of dialogue between time and space by such separation of inside and outside. It can be seen that the artist has been kneaded a lots in pristine modeling, while in the mechanical structure, the diagonal edges of the work leave two mottled and flaked remnants on the corner s if the sensibility and organicism have receded so as to leave room to the main structure. The artist still leaves much space of meditation by way of making up the aesthetics with slightly poetic aura and the aesthetics of mechanical structure.
  • Administration: East Coast National Scenic Area   Keep
  • Location:Yanliao rest area
  • GIS:23.84707,121.59281