Hualien Stone Sculpture Museum

Tower for the Four Winds

Tower for the Four Winds
The stone tower is made of five cylinders stacking from the bigger ones to the smaller ones. And there are four aluminum pipes installed on the surface of the cylinders respectively pointing to all directions of north, south, east and west. When the wind blowing, it would pass the aluminum pipes and make a clear voice of shearing wind for a while. Besides, the four aluminum pipes situated in different levels of the cylinders and the length of the cylinders have made the sound of winds form layered scale changes. The obverse of the stonework faces the north, and the artist’s homeland is Columbia. When the north wind blows, it always means it’s time for the turn of the seasons in Columbia. Therefore, the artist conveys not only the abundant interchange between human and the nature, but also the connotation of Columbian culture.
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  • Location:Liyutan Stone Carving Park
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