Hualien Stone Sculpture Museum

Seeking Water

Seeking Water
The artist is fond of creating small and exquisite stone works at her own pleasure. She is like a big girl with a desirable heart like a child, transforming soft articles in daily life into stone sculptures, and turning imaginational things into tangible modeling. The subject of the work “Searching for Water” is what she tries to transform liquid water into tangible solid so as to fulfill substantial stonework with three lines of symbolized water flowing through the hollow round tie. The water is like dexterous bars moving into the source of life. “Searching for Water” is just to metaphorize such search for the source of creation, while in the process of searching, infinite recycled energies can be found and stimulate the construction of new modeling.
  • Administration: East Rift Valley National Scenic Area Administration, Tourism Bureau, MOTC   Keep
  • Location:Luoshan Recreation Area
  • GIS:23.20172,121.27415