Hualien Stone Sculpture Museum


The artist’s stone work is full of eastern philosophy. He thinks that creating stone sculpture is like dripping water which penetrates the stone, when the water keeps on dropping, the stone would become a concavity, and actually it is the very power of the nature. In his idea of creation, the artist considers that the nature is very important thing for him. No matter how his attitude or technique is, only naturally presenting the idea can totally express the real connotation of the created work. In the work “Sunrise”, the artist wants to display the combinative modeling of sunrise and sunlight, which depicts the slowly rising sun shines over the undulant waves as it emerging out of the sea offing with peaceful and warm rhythm of waves which brings us gentle and warm feelings.
  • Administration: Taroko National Park Hradquarter   Keep
  • Location:Taroko National Park Hradquarter
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