Hualien Stone Sculpture Museum

Feel Just Like Fish in Water (I)

Feel Just Like Fish in Water (I)
Sculptural virtuoso Constantin Brâncuși has said, “The image of an object’s appearance is not real, what is real is the nature inside.” The artist chooses a white marble to carve out a fish with white and translucent appearance, and it presents a very lively sense of streamline movement from the body to the tail as if a fish is swimming in the water freely. The artist uses the inherent feature of white marble to reinforce the relationship between fish and water under light projection. Such presentation of flowing streamline like a fish-body in dynamic swimming not only expresses the external body of a fish, but also makes the transparency of water and fish scares reflect refraction, and the white stone material also reinforce the transparency and leak of the physical form, and makes viewers feel the nature of the dynamic image.
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