Hualien Stone Sculpture Museum

Joys of Family Life

The inspiration of “Joys of Family Life” comes from “Preface to the Feast in Peach and Plum Garden on a Spring Night” written by the famous poet Lee Pai in Sung Dynasty. Lee Pai expressed the brotherhood among his siblings and cousins by describing the joyful scene of the reunion with them as “Today we are so happy to gather in this fragrant garden of peach and plum trees. What a joy to recount the fun events in our family!” The later generation extended the meaning of “fun of family life” to refer to the scene of joyful family reunion. The artist Huang Ho definitely carves out the father and his affectionate children. While the father holds one child in his arms, another child clings onto his back and grasps the hem of his clothes to play with her sibling in the father’s arms. Such kind of affection and happiness can never be changed by money and materials.
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