Hualien Stone Sculpture Museum

Deep Mother Love

Deep Mother Love
The series of the artist’s stonework about water buffalos represent his childhood memories, the nostalgia for Taiwan’s countryside after restoration from Japanese colonization, reproduction of local sports, regression to localization and so on that contain the alleged imagery style of “regress”. The stonework “Deep Mother Lover” displays the thematic connotation with touchingly dynamic affection between a cow and her calf. The cow turns back her neck and tenderly licks her calf showing her affectionate love, while the calf lifts its head and clings onto its mother to butter her up. The power of the cow’s loving and caring motherhood is filled with viewers’ hearts. The work based on solidly realistic skill displays the vitality and authenticity of animal, which affection is sincere and guileless.
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  • Location:Hualien County Cultural Affairs Bureau Campus
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