Hualien Stone Sculpture Museum

Breeding Bull-II

Breeding Bull-II
The artist applies the technique of “deduction” to make the “Breeding Bull”, with the four legs bonded together as if it is surrounded by short fences without any opportunity to move by single leg, thereupon all the complexions build up a solid balance together and reject the realistic and interpenetrative physical space original existed and make the surrounding air not able to loiter around. The above elements being deducted and infiltrated into the work is a kind of concise refinement, while it is not a setup connecting this part and that part, but a block mass that can testify the sense of quantity. The mood of the bull lifting its head forward and the appearance it looks tentatively forward is full of vitality. After the concise process of “abstraction” and then revivifying its “figuration” by the artist, the geometric style, complete shape and reserved space have made the stonework present a situation of “latching and paralysis”.
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