Hualien Stone Sculpture Museum

Let Loose & Tighten Up

Let Loose & Tighten Up
By the bow-knot figure with a steel cable penetrating it on the top, such adamant stone material seems to be tautened tightly and strongly by all steel-like power. The stacked cloth shape seems to present soft creases with light and soft aesthetics as well as witted fun. The work seems to be full of elasticity and is contrary to the natural feature of stone material, and it is a kind of contrastive conflict. The artist means to express that the spirit is constrained and floating up and down among different wills which metaphor is the growth and decline of sense and sensibility. Such acting force contains uncertainty. The potential psychological behavior is the alleged “pressure cracks”. Only by getting rid of unnecessary artificial shackles and restoring carefree, could people reach the ambit of letting loose and tightening up at their disposal.
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  • Location:Hualien County Government
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