Hualien Stone Sculpture Museum

Waves from a Country Without Sea

Waves from a Country Without Sea
By way of this work, the artist hopes to express that the tides connecting the sea and the land would paddle out infinite fluctuation. With the wave connecting the side of the foreign land he has stayed with geometric-shape curved wave and the surface volume of the stonework, the artist tries to use rough but soft texture-rendering to give the stonework the most possibility; while the other side is connected with Incan hometown and Incan-style geometric ladder so as to quote the landscape symbol of the artist’s Bolivian hometown; furthermore, the artist’s hometown is not surrounded by sea in the modern history. In terms of the “Waves from a Country Without Sea”, it is like the artist’s expectation for far-away traveling; while in terms of the other side, it incites the affectionate look back with nostalgia.
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