Hualien Stone Sculpture Museum


The inspiration of the artist Liu Chin-Te, whose Truku tribal name is Sha-Jen, comes from the tribal story often told by his maternal uncle who lives in the mountain area. From a serial of imaginations, he builds up his passion for his own tribe; and by way of his chisels and aspiration for the tribal inheritance, he carves out the legend of Truku ethnic. Liu Chin-Te has a series of dog-themed creations, since dogs are the most faithful and best friends to human being, especially there are intimate relationships between the aboriginals and dogs; they are interdependent and help each other in daily life. Therefore, Liu Chin-Te created a series of stonework called “(Barking) Thriving Series” (in Chinese, the character “barking” is homophonic to “thriving”). This work is just one of the series. Liu Chin-Te is very sensitive to dog-shapes, while the semi-abstract dog figure made of concise lines and subtle quality is very distinctive.
  • Awards:It’s been selected to attend ○○○○ (加年份) Hualien Stone Sculpture Festival.
  • Administration: Hualien County Cultural Affairs Bureau   Keep
  • Location:Hualien County Cultural Affairs Bureau Campus
  • GIS:23.98935,121.62818