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TransformationOrganic vs. Inorganic Transformation

TransformationOrganic vs. Inorganic Transformation
The artist concerns very much about the issues of the nature, life and human beings. He tries to contrast organic and inorganic compounds in the world and explore the way of cosmic circulation, so as to understand furthermore human being’s mindsets and tries to get along with all the creatures peacefully which is so-called “humanitarian solicitude”. The subject of the work can be explained as a kind of philosophical contemplation of modeling concept and reflection of pure sculptural proportion and material. The outer frame of the whole square contains another small square bulk with a relief of smiling mouth on the upper right corner, while there is a geometric model symbolizing organic vs. inorganic transformations on the bottom left corner; and the hollow figure in the middle part presents the real and visionary illusion and the diagonal has made up a diagram that leads viewers to rise associations.
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  • Location:Hualien County Cultural Affairs Bureau Campus
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