Hualien Stone Sculpture Museum


The artist is strongly interested in transforming geometric shapes and designing structural pattern, and he also tries to pursue the combination of city environment and aesthetic heritage. He is used to apply certain elements and 3D mirror image in his stone works, and a series of his stonework are teeming with power of visual extension. In order to present the power of the nature, such as the hydropower of waves colliding seashore, the projection of morning sunlight into indoor and its reflection on mirror-like water, the artist observes the reality of daily life and immediately catches and combines various elements, then, applies the technique of twisting the square combined with radiation to make a relief-like 2D complexion that is aligned penetratively and orderly, while the hollow and the real scene make up mutually setting off and magnificent effects.
  • Administration: Hualien County Cultural Affairs Bureau   Keep
  • Location:Hualien County Cultural Affairs Bureau Campus
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