Hualien Stone Sculpture Museum

Sacrifice to Heaven

The artist indicates what “Sacrifice Heaven” emphasizes is the protection and cherishing of the nature. The content of the stonework is a stone sculptured table aligned with several stones of different shapes and textures. Some of the stones are naturally pristine stone, while the others are neatly polished geometric stone sculptures. Those are subjects of sculpture, but they are similar to a terrain type aligned by ready-made objects and make the whole work the relishing point to viewers. While the sacrifice-like articles which are laid on the table symbolize various models of all things in the universe, and it has generated a dialogue between the artificial and natural world and correspond with the artist’s core concept of cherishing the nature.
  • Administration: Hualien County Cultural Affairs Bureau   Keep
  • Location:Qixingtan Scenic Area
  • GIS:24.03133,121.62893