Hualien Stone Sculpture Museum

Organic & Nonorganic

Organic & Nonorganic
A seven-shape molding is made upon the hard stone with sharp edges and corners like the regularity and invariance of a nonorganism. The egg-shape marble below is full and rounded. The combination of the two stones interweaved and overlapped has engendered a pressure to the below object. The rope bonds it tightly which indentations show the ecological sense of organism and seem to be soft and changeable. The artist tries to use the tensive sense of rope and stone material to express the relationship between the inner side of organism and the outer side of nonorganism. The subject consciousness is a kind of internally generated power of organism and self-awareness of the mind, while resistance is a kind of compressed living space of nonorganism, and it is an inexplicable bondage and concealed self-revolution.
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  • Location:Taiwan Land Development Corp. - HappyFarm
  • GIS:23.9732,121.58418