Hualien Stone Sculpture Museum

Drinking Cross-cupped Wine Affectionately

Drinking Cross-cupped Wine Affectionately
The artist bases on the celebrative theme of drinking cross-cupped wine among the aboriginals to realistically depict a couple of lovers intimately sitting side by side with shoulder to shoulder like the very scene and action in the indigenous wedding feast. The work delicately expresses the love between the newly-weds and the exquisiteness of the couple’s deep affection. The clothing and the accessories on the couple’s heads adequately display the aboriginal culture of etiquette. The great tenderness and sweet love has been disclosed in the couple’s eyes and countenances under the celebrative atmosphere as they smile to enjoy the joy to their hearts’ content, while the bride shyly snuggles to her bridegroom slightly who shows out his assuring and sedating masculine shoulders. And the young leading man holds the cup tightly that metaphorizes he will build up a sound and reliable family in the future.
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