Hualien Stone Sculpture Museum

Harvest Year

Harvest Year
In the stonework of modern abstract style, the artist is proficient at making water buffalos as his creative elements. “Harvest Year” appears cordial and friendly. Such theme is not only abstract, but also gives viewers unfathomable feeling of distance like that of the earlier age of agricultural society in Taiwan when the artist was born and lived, and the rural characteristics emphasize the affectivity of coteries and countrymen as well as honest and good nature; besides, the provincials also cherished and appreciate the hard-won things. From the serial stonework of Taiwan water buffalos, the artist’s special feeling and persistence for Taiwan water buffalos can be found. He chooses the creative elements full of rural colors and projects his deep affection for countryside in his stonework, which symbolize the creative spirit of once hard-working assiduously and silently with stamina.
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  • Location:Taiwan Land Development Corp. - HappyFarm
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