Hualien Stone Sculpture Museum


Creation comes from life experiences and observations. The artist considers that as long as the creative process is expressed purely by molding vocabulary, he can give vent to his potential inner feelings. The upper set of the stonework “Return” is the entity of the subject, while the base part reflects the void and makes up a shape like the Chinese character “return” which contains the meaning of “circulation”. Tension and pressure are the main structure of the stonework, and every convergence point is imperative and used to express the relationship of “return” between the nature and human’s life which symbolizes there is imagination in reality and vice versa. By way of the stonework, the artist wants to make viewers experience that life journey is like tides in the sea with ups and downs, there are also frustration, depression, joy and hope in life.
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  • Location:Hualien County Cultural Affairs Bureau Campus
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