Hualien Stone Sculpture Museum

Tanya Preminger

Tanya Preminger
Israel / Male

Tanya Preminger

2020 Hualien International Stone Sculpture Symposium (Selected Primary) Hualien, Taiwan
2012 It's LIQUID International Contest (Italy)
2011 Shui Mu Tsinghus- An International Sculpture Exhibition (China)
2011 International Competition for Sea Art Festival (Busan, Korea)
""My purpose is to express the immaterial essence of things in physical stuff: to make tangible the universal essence of creation."" (Art statement by Tanya Preminger in: )

While the underlying sexual, feminist, and maternal content of her work parallels, in my view, works by Louise Bourgeois, her sensitive approach to special relationships, as demonstrated in Sky and Earth, evokes an intimacy of objects and forms that I often encounter viewing Isamu Noguchi's more minimalist sculptures, such as his Two Dependent Pieces or Shodo Shima Stone Study.

Many of Preminger's earthworks are executed with the same reverent spirit of earlier environmental artists. It is not difficult to find correlations to Michael Heizer's large-scale sculptures carved out of the earth, Robert Smithon's constructive approach or Andy Goldsworthy's situational land art.

More than a sculptor, Preminger is an artist in the fullest sense of the word, who, working with various mediums including photography and installation art, disrupts our rational vision and dares us to look obliquely at the world to discover along with her what we might have missed. She openly invites her audience to participate, not merely as powerless voyeurs but as co-creative conspirators, as evidenced by her 2002 installation piece On the Table.

I don't view On The Table as a sexually savage act bordering on cannibalism, which some have. Preminger's treatment of sex, while admittedly forceful at times, is far more complex and intricately nuanced than her surfaces at first glance suggest. Upon deeper inspection one detects a tension-filled reversal of all that is taken for granted between the sexes, and even this observation melts away if held too long, giving way to an ever shifting paradox. In her installation, the feminine, the goddess, is the giver of life (as symbolized by bread) presented on a table doubling as an altar. If anything, Preminger's treatment of the feminine is sacramental, and her work, drawing upon nature's dichotomy, is more an alchemical synthesis of masculine and feminine vitality than a deconstruction of it…. What I find in Tanya Preminger's work is a viscerally arresting connection, though not always direct, between the soul and the external world. Then again, it is exactly this type of soulful connection that draws me to many of my favorite artists.

(Quote from Mater Nostra in: )

Sculptor, Tanya Preminger, a Russian artist emigrated to IIsrael to Isreal, works essentially with natural materials, suc as earth, grass, and stone, using and freely applying various artistic techniques and experiments: sculpture, Land art, installations and photography. She has had several one-man shows in Isreal and taken part in over forty exhibitions in Isreal, Russia, Japan, Korea, the United States and Europe. In the works she makes using earth and plants, like Boiling, Balance and Beyond Fairway, Preminger creates gardens and invents elements whose clarity and figurative immediacy are fused with an intense symbolic and evocative power. The symbolic form of the garden allows her to create images that touch on the most intimate parts of our consciousness, and that refer to the body, sexuality, and the secret, vital bond we have with the earth.

(Quote from Ya’acov Schachar, Ph.D. in : )