Hualien Stone Sculpture Museum

Panaite Chifu

Panaite Chifu
Romania / Male

Panaite Chifu

Panaite Chifu

EXHIBITIONS abroad(selective):
2017- International Biennial Art Exhibition Beijing, China
2016- Personal Sculpture Exhibition, Romanian Cultural Institute . Beijing
2014- Sculpture Exhibition, Romanian Embassy , Hague, Holland
2012 - International Monumental Sculpture Exhibition,Taichung, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts
2018- “Print of lost worlds”, marble, 230 x170x 100cm, Taoyuen, ( Taipei) , Taiwan
2017- “Pyramides”, andezite, 520 x 140 x120 cm, Besse, France
2016- “Universalia”, andezite, 165 x 160 x 60 cm, Tg. Jiu, Romania
2016- “The pair from the world’s centre”, marble, 310 x 100 x 120 cm, Chiayi, Taiwan
For me, ART is a conditional form of existence. The age of this is same like the age of Homo Sapiens on Terra, or on another planet, planets. Here, something is strange. If, unfortunately, the man will disappear, the art will remain after, being the last disappeared.

Is really difficult for a lot of people to understand this. I self had understood this after more then 50 years of thoughts and practice, my start being between 2 and 3 years old. Here I’d like to mention something: is also difficult for us, art creators, to have a satisfactory result. For this, looking seriously to this act of artistic creation, we will leave the world dissatisfied.

After finishing studying the sculpture to Art Institute, in 1979, to Bucharest, mainly I made sculpture, but drawing and painting also. Till my last second on this planet and after also, my life will be dedicated to art. Before 1982, I worked on different subjects, figurative, or abstract. After, the Universe and his mystery, his construction, his energy, his physical laws, his entities, the relation matter-spirit, specially, was my only one subject and , without any doubt , will continue to be.

My actual materials for sculpture are specially stone, after metal and wood. This is for me, my kind of respecting and admiring the Central Force of the Universe, the Universe , the planet where I exist, using the offered materials and not the surrogates which are destroying the nobility of the art object.

When I work the stone, I already discover, inside this, the mystery. I have the intention to give to my public some of the celestial hidden worlds, with the help of this noble ancient material, who, by his existence, is mysterious too. I feel this made especially for my ideas and artistic interest. When I work stone, I think and to other unknown worlds, planets and I hope to transmit so and to spectators this special kind of feelings, dreams.

The bronze, for example, is for me the presence of civilizations, wood being the symbol of them ephemerality. This quality is nice for my artistic interest, for transforming the feelings in constructions related to space, but, function of the ideational needs.

Finally I believe that , I’m in this world to take with me my co- planetaryans, in the oneiric navy and to go as far possible, piercing the time, where we never was, using a chance given by GOD.