Hualien Stone Sculpture Museum

Marino Di Prospero

Marino Di Prospero
Italy / Male

Marino Di Prospero

He studied in the High School of L’Aquila’s Art. After specific studies he came out on the art scene when he was still very young. He started sculpting and painting in the early 70’s. In these years he realized first paintings and sculptures inspired to the social realism of the latest documents of life in the country. In 1982 he became friend with Pericle Fazzini who gave him important advices for his maturation and subsequent artistic choice. In the early 90’s his sculpture art grew rich of the contamination of new and different tecniques and materials, including the assemblage and reutilization of old objects and tools coming from the ancient Abruzzo’s tradition. But stone is definitely his most congenial material to work with. He held art exhibitions in Italy and abroad. His works are placed in museums and in public and private collections. From 1986, has made 50 public works, he took part in a lot of public contests winning important prizes the European competition for a sculpture.

Sculpture works