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Hualien is the home of stone

For many years, Hualien County has pursued the mission of promoting stone art creativity so that stone sculpture becomes an important window for linking to the world. Nine Hualien International Stone Sculpture Festivals held over 17 years have accumulated over 100 stone sculpture artworks that stand erect against the backdrop of ocean and mountains of Hualien and Tatung counties,allowing Taiwan to retain precious art and cultural assets and enhancing the beautiful scenery and cultural landscape of the Huadong Rift Valley and the east coast, and also attracting numerous international visitors to Hualien. For Hualien’s tourism industry, art and culture have brought substantial economic benefits.

  1. 2011 Hualien International Stone Sculp...

    2011 Hualien International Stone Sculpture Festival - Nature Stone in Vogue

    The Hualien International Stone Sculpture Festival 2011 was one of the main events held in east Taiwan to commemorate the ROC’s centenary. The theme was Natural Stone Fashion and the outdoor creation camp invited 17 sculptors from eight countries to create stone sculptures on the beautiful left bank of the Pacific. The Contemporary Israeli Sculpture Exhibition featured the work of five artists from the country, allowing visitors to see rich creativity from another country. The Stone Sculpture Technology Exhibition displayed new faces of sculpture using 3D and interactive installations and other methods. Eternal Heaven and Earth-Exhibition of Works by Sculptor Yang Ying-feng, showed works that exhibited the different styles of this master sculptor in different stages of his career; altogether the festival had 23 exciting events that fully showcased the cultural beauty of Hualien and let visitors feel the charm of sculpture art and its rich local character.

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  2. 2009 Hualien International Stone Sculp...

    2009 Hualien International Stone Sculpture Festival - Neo Impression

    Hualien International Stone Sculpture Festival 2009, themed “Sculpture Impression,” presents 17 activities under 3 main topics. The five theme exhibitions includes Outdoor Stone Sculpture Camp, Creation Camp for Young Artists, Sculpture Impression-Zero Time Differences, Joint Exhibition of Stone Sculpture Association, and Selected Themed Exhibition. Essential and rare sculpture works from the East and the West are systematically introduced to the general public in order to enable a better understanding of the sculpture culture and history. Current works of Hualien are also been presented to help the audience to connect the features of present and past.

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  3. 2007 Hualien International Stone Sculp...

    2007 Hualien International Stone Sculpture Festival - Rock the Dream‧LOHAS Hualien

    International Stone Sculpture Creation Camp was one of the well known themed exhibitions and outdoor activities of Hualien International Stone Sculpture Festival. In 2007, the Creation Camp has broken the record of the amount of applications. 202 stone sculptors from 45 various countries was enrolled and 12 outstanding masters from 8 different countries have been selected. The list of sculptors covering 3 from Taiwan, 2 from Germany, 2 from Japan and one of each from France, Italy, China, Belgium and Austria.

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  4. 2005 Hualien International Stone Sculp...

    2005 Hualien International Stone Sculpture Festival - The Midas Touch

    The biennial “Hualien International Stone Sculpture Festival” went into its 11th straight year. The theme of this year is ”The Midas Touch” , which means through the hands of the artists, using their creativities and crafted skills may infuse life, energy, and meaning into a cold giant stone, in result of generating unlimited value and physically presented the artworks’ authentications, diversifications and universalizations.

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  5. 2003 Hualien International Stone Sculp...

    2003 Hualien International Stone Sculpture Festival - A Party For 2 Stone City

    Unlike previous year, in addition to continuing its high artistry and internationalism, this year Hualien International Stone Sculpture Festival broke through the traditional way of selection and art creation. It carried out as a form of art exchanges between two cities, Hualien and Seravezza, Italy, which are both globally famous for their stone arts. The two cities altogether selected sculptors who are qualified with international standard and created exchange exhibitions for them to share, learn, and study from one another. By means of this exchange, it provided an opportunity for the two cities to share their rich stone resources and history backgrounds of stone arts, and to broden both sides’ knowledges for stone sculpture.

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  6. 2001 Hualien International Stone Sculp...

    2001 Hualien International Stone Sculpture Festival - Celebration of Stones Between Mountains and Sea

    In 2001, the festival themed “Celebration of Stones Between Mountains and Sea” was held at Hualien to blossom on the world stage. The 2011 Hualien Stone Sculpture Festival has sets numerous records and was selected as one of Taiwan’s top 12 local festivals by the ROC Tourism Bureau. The Fubon Art Foundation organized a subsequent exhibition in Taipei, inviting sculptors from Hualien Stone Sculpture Creation Camp and famous sculptor, Hsien-Ming Chiang from Taipei to celebrate and exhibit their works. Hsien-Ming Chiang’s work had also been exhibited as one of the public art installations at Nevada, USA; other great sculpture works from the events were collected and presented at different places in Hualien.

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  7. 1999 Hualien International Stone Sculp...

    1999 Hualien International Stone Sculpture Festival -Spring is for Sculpture

    The 1999 Hualien International Stone Sculpture Festival was designed based on the idea of comparing international sculpture to traditional Chinese arts. The object is to increase the understanding of Chinese aesthetic, and to exchange cultures between different countries to achieve educational purpose to the general public. The festival consists of eight main events : Stone Sculpture Symposium, the International Famous Artists/Famous Works Invitational Exhibition, the International Sculpture Technique Exhibition, Duamenting Sculpture in Taiwan Traditional, Chinese Buddhist Exhibition and Traditional Chinese Stone Lions Exhibition, the Chinese Traditional Folk Arts Exhibition, the Hualien Stone Sculpture Exhibition and the Aboriginal Arts Exhibition. In addition, there were nine outdoor events that had successfully attracted large crowds of local and foreign visitors. These visitors were not only limited to art lovers, but also included other tourists and Buddhist groups as well.

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  8. 1997 Hualien International Stone Sculp...

    1997 Hualien International Stone Sculpture Festival -The Stone in Hualien is Singing Out Loud

    1997 Hualien International Stone Sculpture Festival was a month-long festival. Three main themed events were created during this festival including: International Stone Sculpture Symposium, International Stone Sculpture Exhibitions, and Outdoor Sculpture Creation Camp. We invited specialists and stone sculptors from Israel, Brazil, Germany, Yugoslavia, Holland, France, America, Japan, Belgium, Italy, and Korea, as well as those from our own country. We combined twelve large stone sculpture activities with our local art exhibition in this festival. This is the first ever art event that Hualien County has contributed so much time and resources, and was also one of the international importance event of the year.

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  9. 1995 Hualien International Outdoor Sto...

    1995 Hualien International Outdoor Stone Sculpture Symposium Album

    In 1995 civil groups in Hualien County held the Hualian International Stone Sculpture Outdoors Creativity Competition for the first time, an international event that was very well-received. This competition brought 18 stone sculptors from 10 countries together with Taiwanese sculptors, the sculptors engaging in stone sculpture creativity in the grounds of the disused Yanliao Elementary School. This was the first time Taiwan had staged an international stone sculpture creative camp and it provided an opportunity for stone sculptors from Taiwan and overseas to observe and learn from each other.

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