Hualien Stone Sculpture Museum

Stone Phone-Inter-understanding
30x10x40(one piece)

Stone Phone-Inter-understanding
The artist’s creation contains a dream and a hope, expecting that people can take the stonework as a communicative media. Because only by way of communication, people can understand each other and get rid of conflict, then, peace can be achieved by no conflict. Using stone as a media can make people communicate and understand each other. The main purpose of the proposition of “Stone Phone---Inter-understanding” is to connect human’s thought with mind; and it can draw people closer by way of enjoying the fun of dialogue. The two stones erect face to face in the distance of 30 meter. When a viewer faces and talks to the recess of the stonework, the other viewer in the back would hear the voice. The artist hopes viewers would start to use it for communication, and confide with open-mind after see his work. He thinks that’s the biggest meaning of stonework creation.
  • Administration: 花蓮縣文化局   Keep
  • Location:Hualien County Cultural Affairs Bureau Campus
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