Hualien Stone Sculpture Museum

Arising and Ceasing

In the process of creation, the artist also minds his inner part. He thinks that creation is to present the definition of “perfect work” in artist’s mind. A work talks a story. He thinks, “As to a big particle and a small one. Which is important? And which is trivial? All the worldly affairs are transient. When you experience that life is like a good dream always awakened before the rice hasn’t cooked thoroughly, you would realize what imperative is life itself, no matter you are alive or dead, if you obtain the purpose of life, then, it’s enough.” The artist keeps on experiencing life and learning so as to improve his capability of creating. In this abstract work of Zenistic style, all men are passengers of the world. None of the secular fame and wealth can be brought from birth or taken away with you after death. Human is so paltry that the most important thing is to search for a heart that does not feel disgraceful in looking down and up.
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  • Location:Liyutan Stone Carving Park
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