Hualien Stone Sculpture Museum

Teng, Shan-Chi

Teng, Shan-Chi
Taiwan / Male

Teng, Shan-Chi

2020 Hualien International Stone Sculpture Symposium. Hualien, Taiwan
2019 BenQ International Stone Sculpture Workshop. Tainan, Taiwan
2019 Wenzhou, China.
2019 Riyāḍ, Saudi Arabia
2018 Tongchuan, Shanxi, China
2017 Izmir, Turkey
2017 Targu-Jiu, Romania
2016 Chia Yi, Taiwan
2016 Haozhou, China
2016 Minho, Portugal
2015 Xi Ning China
2015 Tehran, Iran
2015 Fuzhou, China
2014 Tehran, Iran
2012 Wuhu, China
2012 Sapsido Island, South Korea
2011  Kartal International Stone Sculpture Symposium, Turkey
2011  Penza Oblast International Outdoor Sculpture Symposium, Russia
2011 BenQ International Outdoor Stone Sculpture Symposium. Tainan, Taiwan
2011 Stone Sculpture Exhibition at Hualien Stone Sculpture Museum
2010 Tongling International Bronze Sculpture in Anhui, China
2009 Hui An, China
Graduated from Stonework Department at Yu-Li High School, Shan-Chi Teng has never changed his persistent attitude towards stone sculpture over the last 30 years, He insists on his own principle, “Never ever make those which have been created.”

He turns those unforeseen challenges into his passion and looks forward with full attention to the next surprise from stone sculpture. Stone sculpture has been his favorite ever since he first explored the experience of stone sculpture in senior high school. Even though he has devoted himself to sculpture creation since then, it has never changed.

He said that he would never create an art work especially for any competition; instead, he would look within in order to carry out the perfect image in his mind. He iterated that he helped with the sculpture of Buddha in Chung Tai Zen Monastery years ago and that had helped him a lot. He learned that inspirations would naturally emerge in great numbers after meditation.

He was interested in sculpture creation in the beginning. However, once an artist takes art as his career or becomes a professional artist, he or she can’t help but feel a little tired of it. To him, he does not really regard doing stone sculpture creation as his job but rather a part of his life. He loves feeling his progress such as the progress in skills. During the process of creation, it is also the opportunity for the artist to look within. He considers that to create is to carry out what an artist defines as “A Perfect Art Work”.