Hualien Stone Sculpture Museum

Wind & Sunlight

Wind & Sunlight
The artist insists on the idea that “natural is beautiful”, and entertains an attitude of getting along with stones to engage in creating stone sculpture. He thinks that creating stone sculpture is not a mechanical process, but a combination of spirit and intellect to carve out the correspondence out of the inner space and outer complexion so as to express the real connotation of the work. This work “Wind & Sunlight” conveys the scene of sunlight spreading over the ground while winds blow through; and as the zephyrs and the sunlight gently brushing over the nature, they are combing out an order. The artist’s idea of stone sculpture creation has adequately expressed in the organized order which symbolizing the carefree and comfortable days being intoxicated with tender winds and sunlight.
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  • Location:Taiwan Highway 11, 49.2K
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