Hualien Stone Sculpture Museum

Breath of the Mountain

Breath of the Mountain
The artist is proficient at boldly but subtly challenging the carving techniques of thinly sharpening and hollowing to make white marble material present the mold of feminality and lightness by the gradated companion of light, cloud, frog and wind. The beauty of the nature leads the artist to try to talk with the layered mountains and the magnificent ocean. He makes the aura of light and cloud as delicate and pretty as lotus, while the frog and the wind made to surround the crevices and chiseled lines are wandering tranquilly and self-slackenedly in the softness of the hollow and pass-through light so as to express the artist’s expectation of finding the destination of self-awareness. The four items of the stonework respectively represent cloud, rising with the sun, the ego and being in Chi-Hsing-Tan Beach, which metaphorizes the harmony of four feelings of sunny day, drifting, as-me and magic-like.
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