Hualien Stone Sculpture Museum


The artist embodies the beautiful belief of “putting stone sculpture into life and putting life into stone sculpture” in his subtle life experiences and observations. He is more interested in the subjects of life pieces, and he would like to find creative elements in the memories of life. While the aboriginal people’s simplicity and cordiality are the important resources of his creation, he also totally expresses the piety for artistic life in his works. The work “Temper” is carved in a simple model with an outer complexion of square and inner hollows of smooth and fluent bubble-like shapes. He uses the medium of combined light and stone to convey poetic rhythm, so as to make the musicality of the stone sculpture be filled with abundant changes naturally.
  • Administration: Hualien County Cultural Affairs Bureau   Keep
  • Location:South Coast Park
  • GIS:23.96634,121.60929