Hualien Stone Sculpture Museum

Reflected Shadow in the Woods

The theme is to describe the scene of the sunshine penetrating the shadows of woods, the interwoven and changes between the sunlight and shadows. The modeling is based on a trapezium with thick outer frame and inner cutout like opening a window, while in the middle part, there is a hollow and two vertically interwoven slates with several circles and holes in it symbolizing lights. The middle part symbolizes the modality of light refraction, and the simple symbol has fulfilled the immediate lighting changes of the sunshine and the woods. Such meticulous presentation of the swaying leaves and penetrating sunlight as well as exerting the abundant vitality of the nature are a kind of photosynthesis, and also the projection of the artist’s aesthetic emotion in the work.
  • Administration: Hualien County Cultural Affairs Bureau   Keep
  • Location:Hualien County Cultural Affairs Bureau Campus
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