Hualien Stone Sculpture Museum

Between Returning Waves

The ancient name of Hualien was called “Huilan” which refers to “backward waves” in Chinese. The legend has it that in the years of Emperor Tung-Chih, Ching Dynasty, the Hans who came to reclaim Taiwan moved from I-lan to the Hualien river estuary by ship. At that time, when they saw Hualien River pouring into the sea with huge agitated billows and swirls, they called the land “Huilan” out of their feeling. The work is not only the streamline shapes of splashed stream water and sea waves, but also metaphorizes furthermore the agitated sparks in human’s heart and the process of creating in precipitating oneself and mediation; while the water marks of the swirl on the black granite is like the ripples of a concentric circle diffusing one by one cycle. More than one hundred years after the pioneers came to reclaim Hua-Tung Rift Valley, the land had been thriving and blossoming. In order to keep on flourishing in this land, we need to inherit and pass on the advantages from generation to generation.
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