Hualien Stone Sculpture Museum

Wu, Ming-Sheng

Wu, Ming-Sheng
Taiwan / Male

Wu, Ming-Sheng

2020 Hualien International Stone Sculpture Symposium. Hualien, Taiwan.
2019 19th Prokonessos International Stone Sculpture Symposium. Turkey
2019 My Sculpture, Mu way. Hualien, Taiwan
2019 Yokohama, Japan
2018 6th Public Arts Awards, Taiwan
2018 Hualien Public Arts Exhibition. Hualien, Taiwan.
2018 Ayia Napa International Stone Sculpture Symposium. Cyprus, Italy
2018 Ahvaz International Stone Sculpture Symposium, Ahvaz, Iran
2018 Adana International Stone Sculpture Symposium. Adana, Turkey
2018 Komurcuoglu International Stone Sculpture Symposium. Komurcuoglu, Turkey
2017 Saijo, Ehime Prefecture, Japan
2011 Stone Sculpture Relay Exhibition. Hualien, Taiwan
1993 24th National Skill Competition. First Prize for Stone Sculpture Category
Ming-Sheng Wu graduated from Yu Li High School in Hualien, the only school that provided courses for Stone Processing. His interest in stones started here while he encountered a few creators and artists, and his interest gradually turned into a hobby until now.

Even though Wu has expertise on carving skills, what confuses him most is the selection of the most appropriate idea among the plenty of thoughts and inspirations. The themes of his works nowadays emerge from a flash of aura that originate from people, events, objects and natural phenomenon.

He completes his artworks fast and he doesn’t stick to one specific theme. Wu believes that Stone Sculpture is an activity of sensation--it is completed only through the interactive, mutual construction between the work and the audience. He likes marbles because of the dear feeling it carries and its special white color. His theme on time usually lingers between reality and abstraction, such as that the space where the mountain and the clouds co-exit in the same place. Sometimes he also presents human desires and emotions to find a philosophical pleasure among simple things, from which the profound meaning behind is being brought—all these are his insistence on creation.