Hualien Stone Sculpture Museum

Hsiang, Kuang-Hua

Hsiang, Kuang-Hua
Taiwan / Male

Hsiang, Kuang-Hua

2020 Hualien International Stone Sculpture Symposium. Hualien, Taiwan
2018 Zhengzhou, China
2014 Chang Shuo Cup International Sculpture Contest Silver Metal. Taiwan
2012 4th Workshop of Sculpture in Hasan Dede, Turkey
2011 China Gesture, Selected
2011 BenQ International Sculpture Workshop, Tainan, Taiwan
2011 Hei Long Jiang, China
2010 International Exhibition of Sculpture, Celebration of School Establishment of Tsinghua University, Beijing
2009 “Impression of Sculpture”, Workshop of Hualien International Stone Sculpture Symposium. Hualien, Taiwan
Hsiang has had great interest in subjects of fine arts since childhood, and later in life he devoted to stone handicrafts after graduation from the professional school. What he sculptured then were various forms of humans, animals or Buddhas. In this phase of handicraft training, he did not involve in creation and yet laid profound foundation for later of his life

Among many sculptors in Taiwan, Hsiang especially admires the sculpture maestro, Ju Min, who originally worked with handicrafts and successfully transformed to creating artworks. The grand works of Ju Min exhibit style and soul, by which Hsiang was immensely influenced. Hsiang firmly believes that the works should have soul and exhibit a certain emotion in life. Hsiang thinks it necessary to have qualitative artworks instead of quantitative pieces, and this idea has supported him all the way to creation.

Having worked more than twenty years in creation, Hsiang has enjoyed in his doings and has won many international contests, which enhance his confidence of moving forward with his profession. During the years passed, the most difficult thing is not to apply skills, but to deliver individual uniqueness of style and beauty. Only by unique aura does make the work outstanding; however, handling such a flash of aura is the top challenge. Once one handles it, he/she will deliver their gifts brilliantly.