Hualien Stone Sculpture Museum

Chang, Tzu-Lung

Chang, Tzu-Lung
Taiwan / Male

Chang, Tzu-Lung

1988  Judges of each Taiwan Provincial Exhibition of Fine Arts, Taiwan
1996  Medal of Outdoor Sculpture, 42th Hui-Yi Exhibion in Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Japan
1998  Taipei International Art Festival, Caves Cart, Taipei

In the course of creation, the vision of tangibility and abstraction will be changed with the dislocation of works; sometimes it seems round, but sometimes it seems with a geometric facet .
Making uses of stone grains, Chang sculptures simplified curves of female body that is with smooth surface and complete structure; which exhibit maturity of plump body from every perspective. There is that sympathy between audience and artist as the work contains a burst of inner energy. Through concise and perfect human forms, Chang conveys his living concept of binary qualities--motion and stillness, hardness and delicacy.   
“When I knock stones, I find a strong sense of conquest,” Chang treats his works as companions, talking to them and falling in love with them. Then, he perceives them in details, upon which he finds himself has great passion. In his works, substantial forms are not indispensable; visual experience will change with rotation of works. Therefore, in consideration of extreme simplicity, he ponders how to fully deliver his articulation of spatial change, which depends on deep thought of audience continually.
After years, all creations were completed through his hard works, through his dialogues of carving, polishing and materials. Thus, his creations exhibit the best part of his experiences, his alter-ego. Therefore, Chang loves every pieces of his creation. In the dialectical process of creation, Chang longs for living principles endowed with simplicity and primitive, intending to use the most innocent and primitive skills to exhibit themes related to life. Chang is deeply in comprehension of living images, showing them by use of simple and concise forms and materials. He expects, through his creations, audiences could, like him, identify same sympathy in nature. Only by conciseness of forms that with simplicity and absolute could the power of works come out. 

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