Hualien Stone Sculpture Museum

Chen, Yan-Bo

Chen, Yan-Bo
Taiwan / Male

Chen, Yan-Bo

2020 Hualien International Stone Sculpture Symposium, Hualien, Taiwan
2014 Trendtino, Italy
2013 Grasse, France
2012 BenQ International Sculpture Workshop. Hsninchui, Taiwan
2011 Hualien International Stone Sculpture Symposium Selected. Hualien, Taiwan
2010 Nan Ying Biennial. Tainan, Taiwan,
2008 Nan Ying Biennial. Tainan, Taiwan,
Sculpture has become an independent art form for architecture. The extensive issue is how to situate the sculpture within space. The eyesight of watchers is always able to center and contact the sculpture once the distance is shortened from the height of skyscrapers. Ever since college education in the past, Chen has learned about stone sculpture, wood sculpture, cray sculpture and metalwork. What really obsessed Chen the best is stone sculpture. The natural luster of hard stone material is the best gift from nature.

However, in the course of creating stone carving, he considers the character of era. In the past, the creation of sculpture always brought a sense of solemnity to him, which made it so hard for people to feel close to, such as brass sculpture. Thus, Chen often pondered how to create sculpture which is full of contemporary spirit and how to fully explore its possibilities. As a matter of this, he intended to express the interactions between all surrounding livings by the use of intimation of living forms which are both lively and interesting. Attempting to use the concept of “hybridity” to create, Chen applied natural luster from various stone materials in order to exhibit the abstract animal forms, from which he may create by evading single stone material.

The major problem he confronted is how to polish his skills of matching the colors and of connecting different stone materials in one interface. Though it is quite challengeable, and he has to face frustration and the waste of time, from which he obtains much more profound experience.

People often ask questions that why he intends to make the forms of animal imitation or the shapes of cartoon. He says that he just intends to exhibit the form of living objects, so it is unnecessary to use many words to explain. Perhaps because of different recognition from the watchers, the aim of his pursuit is to use a light-hearted perspective and more interaction with the sculpture.