Hualien Stone Sculpture Museum

Feng, Chao-Tsung

Feng, Chao-Tsung
Taiwan / Male

Feng, Chao-Tsung

2020 Hualien International Stone Sculpture Symposium. Hualien, Taiwan
2018 Taiwan Crafts Research And Development Center. Taiwan
2017 "The Belt and Road" frontline countries stone sculpture invitation. Qing Dao, China
2017 Hualien International Stone Sculpture Symposium. Hualien, Taiwan
2016 Kaohsiung, Taiwan
2016 Hai Ning, China
2015 Kaohsiung, Taiwan
2013 Dong Ying, China
2012 “Yin Sin Fu Sing“ Solo Exhibition at Hualien County Stone Sculptural Museum
2011 “Sailing to North West” collected by 2011 China Weihai Sixth Space and Contemporary Art Sculpture Grand Prix
2009 “Yu Feng Er Shang“ selected at Theme Exhibition of Hualien International Stone Sculpture Festival
Feng was born in Hualien of Taiwan, and his idea of creation originates from own life experience. Graduated from Mechanical Engineering Dept. of Junior College, Feng got used to employing mechanical tools for it was necessary for life.

Later, he turned to stone carving, always staying in the narrow space of the studio, where he often used various carving tools--new, old, distorted, damaged or deformed. Having been moved by the tools, Feng had an idea that the tools should be endowed with quality of convenience. In the light of the perspective that all living entities are not only equal but spiritual, Feng somewhat felt the desire for another different form of life while doing stone carving.

The source of his creativity is from all sorts of materials such as hammers, screws, iron nails, wrenches, spades and pincer pliers. All these tools could generate many forms originating from their own vitality inside. Therefore, to sense vitality delivered from the objects, and to create his style by using the totems of various tools, he thinks, no matter how realistic, abstract or metaphorical these tools are, they are kinds of projection of feelings close to the real life.

In his leisure, Feng enjoys listening to music and singing songs. He deeply expresses his love for the melody from his deep down. For Feng, the process of creation is such a pleasure and happiness.

Through the observation and perspective, he transforms his self-recognition into the materials of mediums. Using stone sculpture, he embodies his abstract inner thinking and subtly blends them into the exterior forms of his creations which present his visions, thinking and dialectics. After years of creating, he always embodies his thoughts into the concrete carving jobs in order to reflect life itself. Feng believes, it is a process of recording life because “the perfection comes from an elevated heart, from which the carving job endows the forms.