Hualien Stone Sculpture Museum

Joseph Visy

Joseph Visy
France / Male

Joseph Visy

2000 Hualien International Stone Sculpture Symposium. Hualien, Taiwan
2017 Chiayi -Taiwan
2013 Tainan Salt Carving Festival - Taiwan
2007 Ubon Rachatani -Thailand
2006 Kauhsiung -Taiwan
2001 Hualien -Taiwan
2000 La Chatre -France
1999 Saint-Jean de Maurienne -France
1998 Guilin China
1998 La Norma -France
1991 Canet en Roussillon -France法
1991 Digne les Bains -France

1998-2006 Pont Neuf, Paris
1995 Orleans
1990 Louvre
1988 Triumphal Arch
1988 Concorde Square
1985 Palace Bourbon
1983-1985 Louvre
1981-1982 Castle of Versailles

2005-now Staying in Hualien of Taiwan
1982-1983 Studied in Paris began the independent career
1981 Settled in France
1974-1981 Sculptor at a workshop in Budapest
1951 Born in Budapest

2017 Exposition of the Hualien Stone Sculpture Association “Metal & Stone”
2017 Chuan Liu Art Museum -Taipei
2016 Hualien Stone Sculpture Association -Exposition in Taitong
2015 Expositions in Taipei
2013 National Exhibition in Taichung
2013 Gallery Chuan in Taichung
2013 Moons Art Gallery in Hsinchu
2012 Hualien Culture Center -Taiwan
2010 Gallery Chuan in Taipei -Taiwan
2008 Gallery Chuan in Taipei -Taiwan
2007 Fondation Laborcz -Budapest -Hungary
2006 Hualien Culture Center -Taiwan
2005 Pine Garden in Hualien -Taiwan
2005 Institute of Hungary in Paris -France
2005 Chateau Chanorier in Croissy -France
2001 Leichlingen -Germany
2001 Gallery in Marly le Roi -Parir
1999 Institute of France in Budapest -Hungary
1996 Oscar Wilde House in Dublin -Ireland
1996 Institute of Hungary in Warsowi -Poland
1994 Gallery of Palace - Hungary
1994 Royal Palace in Budapest -Hungary
1992 Sligo Art Gallery -Ireland
1991 Institute of Hungary in Paris -France
Joseph Visy was born in Budapest and settled in Paris in 1981. He took part in the restoration of Versailles, the Bourbon Palace, the Louvre, and the Triumphal Arch in Paris. He thus had a solid basis for industrial art, making him able to create works with sensibility out of sense and to work as an independent artist.

Visy is good at using stones. Through cutting, embedding, assembling and carving, he turns stones with different features skillfully into a sculpture in harmony. He uses this to express his praise to the earth and concern to lives. “I never knew minerals could be so interesting and have warmth!” is often the feedback from viewers seeing such a unique mixture of stones for the first time and immediately attracted to it.

In Visy’s hands, every stone becomes a living organic creature with plasticity. He often applies the repetitive and gradient patterns onto stones and transforms them into or models them after other textures, veins and colors. For example, petrified wood was turned into natural wavy brown hair, and cool jade a green hoop skirt with lace. He adds up different stone materials like playing a Lego game. It could be a regulated form of beauty, but it could also be a naughty, fun look with humorous themes. He lets the minerals tell their own stories.