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Nigel Scanlon

New Zealand / Male

Nigel Scanlon

Nigel Scanlon

1993-1995 Nga Puna Waihanga, Certificate in Maori Art
1997 Wanganui Polytechnic, Bachelor of Fine Arts
1998 Massey University, Maori Visual Arts
“Through my carvings I communicate my connection with whenua (land) and whakapapa (genealogy)” ------Nigel Scanlon

Nigel is a multi-talented Maori artist based in New Zealand.
Nigel Scanlon is an artist/ designer/ sculptor with an incredible aesthetic sensibility. He has a natural ability to translate Maori iconography, not just from carved forms but also from raranga & tukutuku forms as seen here with his Waka tiwai, into successful & astoundingly beautiful contemporary sculptural forms. An uri of Whanganui, he is based mainly around Auckland, Waiheke & Raglan. Nigel is a regular at stone symposiums around Aotearoa and recently came back to Whanganui for Te Kahuitanga stone symposium on the Whanganui River bank, organised by long time friend & fellow sculptor/ artist, Aaron Te Rangiao. The symposium was run in conjunction with Whanganui Open Artists studios- organiser, Jo Ockey.
Nigel has attended stone symposiums in Thailand & is the creator of the branding for Primal (popular New Zealand label).

Nigel Scanlon is a Waiheke-based artist, well known for his sculptural work in the mediums of stone, wood and bronze. He draws inspiration from his traditional Maori heritage and the coastal environment where he lives. His skill in carving is evident in the way he brings a soft fluidity to forms hewn blocks of solid stone, drawing out textures and nuances from this natural medium

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