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Francesco Mazzotta

Francesco Mazzotta
Italy / Male

Francesco Mazzotta

Born in Copertino (Lecce ,Italy) in 27/01/1975, studied at Istituto d'Arte of Lecce and in 1999 graduated at Academy of Fine Art of Carrara. Works in artistic studio in Carrara.

Teacher in Sculpture Department of Academy of Fine Arts of Reggio Calabria.

From 1997 participated in many international symposium in Italy, Taiwan, Brasil, Bahrain, kuwait, Turkey, Germany, Spain, Argentina, India, Iran, Morocco. He has attended in several exhibition in Carrara (Nothing but sculpture Biennale di Carrara - studio's exhibition) , Roma and Napoli at Archives of State, and in international group exhibition like "Sculpture by the sea , "Sculpture inside at Maunsell Wicks Gallery" in Sydney, “Een leiedorp vol beelden” in Gent (Belgio).

Finalist in contest of italian governement competition for public monument in Naples and Rome. He has realized public monument in Bosa (Nuoro,Italy) and in S.Marco d’Alunzio (Messina,Italy). He works in sculpture studio in Carrara. Member of Art Association teaching for sculpture courses, and organizing events with Pemart Studio.