Hualien Stone Sculpture Museum


The Map of the first exhibition hall
  • The Lobby Exhibition Area

    Exhibition projects are museum collections and creative works of well-known stone sculptures and multi-materials artists. The Lobby Exhibition Area Large and bright display rooms
  • The First Planning Exhibition Area

    This exhibition area plays as a communicating platform where we periodically invite stone art organizations and collections to exhibit their sculptures and live-applied works. The First Planning Exhibition Area A garden for cultural exchange in which exhibitions are regularly held
  • The Second Planning Exhibition Area

    In this area, we invite artists to exhibit their works and provide DIY programs enabling people to experience the art creating fun. The Second Planning Exhibition Area Courses and lectures frequently held
  • The Perennial Exhibition Area

    The theme of exhibitions here is about artists that having profound effect on the development of Hualien stone sculpture. The Perennial Exhibition Area Rich Hualien stone sculpture connotations
  • Collection Area

    This area can be divided into “the collection room” and “the registering area”. The collection room reserves the traditional stone sculpture by purchase or donation including antique Buddhist sculptures, parts of ancient building and other traditional stone works. Moreover, the collection includes the works elected annually and the champion sculptures of each festival tournament as a temporary area for the preparatory work before each exhibition, and it includes storage room, film studio and working area. Collection Area An important treasure trove for stone artworks
  • The Multi-functional Exhibition Room

    It can offer people art education classes and videos to understand the museum’s history. The Multi-functional Exhibition Room Multi-media classroom
  • Water Stage and Outdoor Stone Sculpture Park

    An outdoor exhibition area where can enjoy majestic sculpture works with the graceful pond, beautiful scene and cyan Pacific Ocean. Water Stage and Outdoor Stone Sculpture Park Beautiful stone sculptures are displayed on the spacious grassy area
  • Coffee and The Gift Shop

    A relaxing environment serves dining, afternoon tea, rest and souvenirs. Coffee and The Gift Shop Public recreation space