Hualien Stone Sculpture Museum

Huang, Ching-Hui

Huang, Ching-Hui
Taiwan / Male

Huang, Ching-Hui

2020 Hualien International Stone Sculpture Symposium. Hualien, Taiwan
2019 Ministry Of Education, Taipei, Taiwan.,
2018 Hsinchu, Taiwna
2017 Hualien International Stone Sculpture Symposium. Hualien, Taiwan
2015 Yangmei, Taoyuan, Taiwan
2014 Qingshui, Taichung, Taiwan
2013 Hsin Chung, New Taipei City, Taiwan
2011 Hualien International Stone Sculpture Symposium. Hualien, Taiwan
2010 Taichung county, Taiwan
2009 Ministry Of Finance, Taipei, Taiwan
2008 Tainan, Taiwan
2007 Awarded Best Innovation Performance, 1st Public Arts Awards Taiwan
2006 Kaohsiung, Taiwan
2005 National Central L:ibrary Taiwan Subsidiary Project
2004 Chia Yi, Taiwan
2003 Guilin, China
Huang deeply thinks that the beauty of stone sculpture lies in the fact that one uses the minimum of instruments to complete it and all by him/herself, in entire no need of others' help, turning a stone into an artwork."

2002 marked the year of his absolute low ebb. However, in the same year he participated in the Kaohsiung's public arts contest and won the first prize, re-seizing the momentum of the desire to create artworks. After gaining the award, his thoughts were able to jump out of existent frame of creation, so much that he was able to make artworks of different series. Making changes indeed releases his inner self and makes him able to surpass.

"Let go of self and gain much more." Adapting to different phases of changes enables him a heart of anticipation and brings more surprises and discoveries. All in all it all comes from different meanings from sculpture creation, making impact on the views of life and making people more satisfied,